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The Ultimate 3-Day Event Designed To Help You Safeguard Your Investments And Discover Breakthrough Strategies For Multifamily Real Estate In 2024

The Ultimate 3-Day Event Designed To Help You Safeguard Your Investments And Discover Breakthrough Strategies For Multifamily Real Estate In 2024

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Why Attend WOWCON 2?

Investors are Missing out on SO MANY opportunities for 2024 because they don't know how to Underwrite to protect their assets, raise capital differently, and manage their properties in new ways.

With less work and less stress while you Experience real, measurable resultsLIVE!

our Live events are the place to be to meet the people you need in your network to succeed.

Here's why…
Imagine you're in a room that is split 50/50. On one side you have novice investors…

And on the other, you have successful multifamily investors, brokers, funding partners, masterful networking matchmakers, and other highly skilled experts…

Who have experience and the desire to team up with YOU.

And at our live events, we facilitate identifying and BREAKING THROUGH your limiting beliefs so you can FINALLY take MASSIVE, STRATEGIC

How can you fail with the deck stacked that heavily in your favor?

We are Jen & Stacy Conkey, Founders of Warriors of Wealth and...

Here's just some of what you’ll learn at WOWCON 2...

'Winning Multifamily Strategies for 2024'

  • The #1 skill you must have to succeed with multifamily real estate investing
  • How to conquer the 4-step path to mastery… Most people quit at step 2
  • The killer of dreams and what you must do to never fall victim. Hint: it happens between your ears and you have control
  • How to capitalize on an unprecedented opportunity made possible by the current, uncertain economic landscape
  • Learn your "power identity" and see how it fits into our team approach…
  • Then follow along as we lead networking activities, helping you complete your "elite trio" as your new team sails into our "Mission of 300"
  • Plus get insights and epiphanies from some of the most brilliant minds ever to take our stage, as we welcome our guests set to drop knowledge bombs you'll only get at WOWCON

BONUS: This event ONLY - get YOUR free pass!

When you secure your ticket to WOWCON 2, TODAY, we'll include a ticket for your +1, spouse or business partner, absolutely FREE!

WOWCON delivers exact implementation strategies for turning 2024 into a year of investment opportunities...

Level up your multifamily business...

With an arsenal of creative financing strategies you'll only learn at WOWCON!

Doors we acquired Last Year...


in 4 markets!

First time MFREI's we trained...


Just last year!

Millionaires We've created


The last 3 years!

lives we've helped change...


News flash...

You don't need a giant wad of cash to get started!

When people think about multifamily properties and apartments as investments, they think it must take a huge nest-egg to get started...

Or that all of these cash-flowing behemoths are owned by institutions and other big fish (whales!) in the real estate investing space...

We're here to tell you...

That's simply NOT the case!

Everyday people, just like you and us, are getting into amazing deals throughout the country, every single day!

But how?

It may be easier than you think!

If you're at all familiar with investing in single family homes (SFH's), you know a lot of deals happen through creative financing...

Well, guess what?

Multifamily real estate investing can be the same!

At this fall's WOWCON, we're going to take you behind the curtain to show you how YOU can make your dreams of multifamily a reality, regardless of your starting point!

We will be workshopping Seller/Creative Financing multifamily real estate deals... And we will be breaking through YOUR limiting beliefs, as we guide you as you step into the identity of an Apartment Investor!

Sounds too easy, right?

With our unique Multifamily strategies, devised and tested to perfection over the last 20 years, we can tell you it's super simple, once you've cracked the code...

But it's NOT easy!

If it were easy, everyone would be doing it, right?

That's why you need to attend WOWCON 2023 this November 3rd - 5th in beautiful Orlando, Florida (details below)!

We will be workshopping all 3 days on Seller/Creative Financing strategies we use to this very day...

As well as presenting a lineup of guest speakers who will talk about the lending climate and projections, off market deals, the mindset it takes to raise private funds, and so much more!

If you've ever dreamed of escaping the limitations of SFH's or firing your boss to live a life of YOUR design...

Then WOWCON 2023 is your ticket to a life of location, time, and financial freedom!

If you've been in the multifamily space for even a minute, you already know…

Jen & Stacy Conkey are THE ROCKSTAR TRAINERS the pros trust!

After 20+ years of Multifamily Investing
And perfecting their LIVE events for over a decade

Why wouldn't they be? Jen & Stacy have DIALED IN the format at an unprecedented level!

Where other events' value proposition seems to focus on information overload - analysis paralysis, anyone? ...

WOWCON has been carefully crafted with 2 major outcomes in mind

First, ease of implemention...

The #1 roadblock to taking action is FEAR. And your fears stem from limiting beliefs which is why you can learn everything you need to know, yet still lack the conditioning to do anything with that information.

How we'll break through your fears, together...

At WOWCON we'll facilitate identifying then breaking through those limiting beliefs, placing you firmly on the road to massive, strategic action.

Second, connecting you with other, like-minded attendees.

You've heard it time and time again… Your network is your net worth.

Yet so many people start their real estate investing journey planning to "go it alone."

It simply doesn't work. Want proof? Answer me this…

Exactly how much have you implemented from those other events?

Diamonds-to-dollars, we'll bet the answer lies somewhere between still scratching your head and banging your head against the wall!

Here's where WOWCON sets the bar…

We focus on the following 3 important areas…

First, Delivering timely & actionable, cutting-edge content.

At WOWCON 2, Winning Multifamily Strategies for 2024, you will discover what is working RIGHT NOW for both us and our students in the Academy. 

We'll break everything down and present our strategies in our easy-to-understand manner... And give you the blueprint for fast implementation that starts during the event.

WOWCON 2 is an activity-based event. Be prepared to get into massive action, right on-site.

Next, helping you to program yourself with the tools you need to actually ACT on that content.

Overcoming FEAR and UNCERTAINTY are just a small piece of a much bigger puzzle...

"The 4-Step Path to Mastery"

If this is new to you, WOWCON 2 is a can't miss opportunity that will help you to unlock the very reason why you oftentimes find yourself starting new endeavors...

But never see them through to the end.

If this is a common cycle in your life, understand you have plenty of company as most never make it past Step-2!

Finally, Building a network with other like-minded event attendees.

The most important decision you will make in this life is who you spend your time with. Nobody succeeds in any facet of real estate investing trying to fly solo. 

When you attend WOWCON 2, you will be connected with like-minded investors and aspiring investors from many varied fields...

Together, we'll help you identify which of 3 vital roles is best suited to your skillset, personality, and aptitude...

Then help you find the missing roles to complete your team of 3...

That's why you need to attend WOWCON 2, THE premiere networking event for multifamily investors!

It's this proven, repeatable process that gave rise to our "Mission of 300." And the only way to be a part of this elite group of next-gen success stories is by attending this February's WOWCON 2!

If you're ready to blow up your multifamily real estate investing business and make 2024 your best year ever...

Then WOWCON 2 is YOUR ticket to freedom!

We're on a mission to recruit and train 300 elite prospects to build a skyline together. If you're ready to make 2024 your breakthrough year,  Here's how to be one of them...

WOWCON 2 will be THE launchpad for our "mission of 300!" Here's why...

After doing LIVE events for over a decade...

We have networking dialed in!

WOWCON 2 is slated to be the Nation's Premiere Multifamily Multifamily Real Estate Investing Event of 2024...

And during the event, we'll be setting our first "Mission of 300" cadre on the path with the RMFIA team.

If you're wondering if you have what it takes to be a part of our Mission of 300...

WOWCON 2 will light the way!

See which of these resonates with you...
WOWCON 2 is the perfect event for investors that:
  • Have deals & need capital partners
  • ​Have money & need deals
  • ​Need lending connections
  • ​Raise capital for operators
  • ​Want to learn cutting edge strategies to dominate in '24
  • ​Have no time and want to invest passively
  • ​Want to make new networking connections
  • ​Need a mindset shift

We have a goal and it starts with you...

The intent of our "Mission of 300" is to create 100 millionaire teams by 2030. So if you've been dreaming of the 3 freedoms we all crave...

Location freedom, time freedom, and financial freedom, we truly believe...

Our Mission of 300 is the surest path to get you there, without the headaches and uncertainty that kills most dreams before they ever see the light of day.

Join us at WOWCON 2 and let's build a skyline together!

Speakers to appear at WOWCON 2...

We've secured a battery of superstars To Take The Stage With Us... These are the people who can help you CRUSH YOUR GOALS in multifamily real estate investing!

Jen & Stacy Conkey

Co-Founders, Remote Multifamily Investing Academy™,  Warriors of Wealth, and WOWCON

Jen & Stacy Conkey are not just a dynamic power couple; they're a real estate powerhouse with two decades of investment experience and an insatiable drive to transform the multifamily education space. Their passion isn't just in doing deals—it's in elevating others to do the same.

Jen, an NLP Master Practitioner and business strategist, doesn't just offer investment advice; she breaks down mental barriers and reconditions mindsets for unparalleled success. She's been instrumental in helping investors not only meet but shatter their real estate objectives.

Stacy brings a hands-on, nuts-and-bolts approach to real estate training. From the basics to the complex deal structures, she equips investors with the tangible tools needed to turn ambitions into closed deals.

As the visionaries behind the Remote Multifamily Investing Academy™, they've disrupted the status quo. They've developed the #1 Multifamily Academy for scaling in multifamily real estate, emphasizing the underestimated power of joint ventures before diving into larger syndications.

With Jen & Stacy, you're not just getting advice; you're getting a transformative experience. They're not just knowledgeable; they're relatable, enthusiastic, and ready to make a real impact.

Ron White


Ron White is a 2 Time USA Memory Champion. He has held the record the fastest to memorize a deck of cards in the USA. For last 27 years he has traveled the world giving his talk, ‘Triple Your Memory - Triple Your Business.’

His strategies have helped people to build relationships by remembering names and faces, remembering what they learn and developing quick, sharp and powerful brains.

You may have seen him on the new Fox tv show with Mike Tyson ‘Superhuman’, Good Morning America, Fox and Friends Morning Show, front page of the Wall Street Journal, CBS Early Show, the History Channel’s Stan Lee’s Superhumans or dozens more shows over the last decade.

In 2010 University of Texas scientists conducted an MRI on his brain as he memorizes and found that 35% more of his brain is activated when he memorizes than the average person. Ron will share specifically how he does this and how you can engage 35% more of you brain's capability.

He is the author of an exciting new memory training program titled ‘Black Belt Memory’. His goal is to help everyone meet and remember 100 new people in next 12 months. In his talk you will learn how to develop a quick, sharp and healthy brain as you use it to be more productive and profitable.

Ron served in the US Navy 2002-2010 and completed a tour of Afghanistan in 2007.

In Ron's talk he will memorize the names in the audience and a 50 digit number right before your eyes! From there he will teach you to:
  • Remember names to build relationships
  • Remember what you read or learn from conferences to 10x your knowledge at incredible rates
  • ​Give speeches from memory to be a more confident speaker
  • ​Trust your memory more as you develop a quick, sharp and healthy brain
  • ​Learn more here: https://youtu.be/Da9Q57vov_c

Andrew Kroeze

Professional Speaker

Andrew Kroeze is a seasoned investor, entrepreneur, and world traveler who has made it his mission to help others achieve success in the online business world.

With over 5 years of experience, Andrew has guided more than 1000 individuals in creating 6-8 figure online businesses, positioning them for long-term success.

A highly sought-after speaker, Andrew has shared his expertise on stages across the globe, alongside industry heavyweights such as Damon John, Jessie Itzler, and Tom Bilyeu.

Andrew places a high value on community, connection, philosophizing, travel, and family, and these values inform his approach to both business and life. Whether he's exploring a new city, mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs, or spending quality time with loved ones, he is committed to living life to the fullest and helping others do the same.

Merrill Chandler

Get Fundable!

Over 30 years ago, Merrill Chandler—a personal and business credit pioneer and co-founder of Lexington Credit Repair Law Firm—became dissatisfied with the ineffective results of credit repair. He discovered an insider secret that getting approved for personal or business credit did not rely on a credit score, but in fact, was the result of having “fundable” borrower behaviors. With the right strategies, a borrower could “optimize” their financial behaviors to become highly fundable increasing the frequency and amount of their credit approvals.

He co-founded Get Fundable! to help real estate and business entrepreneurs nationwide to finally grow their businesses the way they want resulting in his students and clients becoming more FUNDABLE and getting over $250 MILLION IN FUNDINGS!

Kaaren Hall

Kaaren Hall, CEO uDirect IRA Services, LLC and OCREIA

Despite being in the midst of a recession and mortgage market collapse, Kaaren Hall founded and made a resounding success of uDirect IRA Services. She discovered a strategic way to put her 20+ years in mortgage banking, real estate, and property management to use.

The solution was an untapped market for both her skills and for investors – self-directed IRAs. Through uDirect IRA, she has guided tens of thousands of Americans through the process of diversifying their investments using self-directed IRAs with $1B+ Under Management.

Learn more about Hall and her thriving company at uDirectIRA.com.

Rebecca Weaver


Rebecca Weaver is the Founder and CEO of HRuprise, an employee advocacy organization that supports employees and companies with flexible, independent HR for the new world of work. For more than 20 years, Rebecca worked in high levels of leadership in companies that ran the gamut, from Fortune 50 companies to experimental startups.

At HRuprise, Rebecca provides cutting-edge thought leadership on HR disruption as a public speaker, writer, as host of the Problem Performers podcast, and author of an upcoming book about post-pandemic leadership.

Julie Anne Peterson

Commercial Real Estate Debt & Equity At Old Capital

Julie Anne Peterson, affectionately known as The First Lady of Lending at Old Capital Lending, boasts 32 years in Real Estate transactions. She's not just a debt provider; she's a strategic consultant, aiding clients' immediate needs.

With personal investments as General and Limited Partner in Commercial and Multifamily assets across several states, Julie is well-versed in 1031 Exchanges and Self-Directed/Solo 401K accounts.

Recently, she orchestrated a $7.5MM Capital Raise.

Beyond finance, Julie's virtual platform, ZOOM at 8, unites investors in LIVE Conversations with Industry Experts to help grow their knowledge and network.

Her adeptness in banking, capital raising, and asset management shapes her approach to Commercial Real Estate, while family time remains integral in her life.

Kim Lisa Taylor

Syndication Attorneys

Kim Lisa Taylor is a nationally recognized real estate securities attorney, speaker and author of the No. 1 Amazon best selling book “How to Legally Raise Private Money" and her newest publication, "How to Raise Capital for Real Estate Legally.”

She is the founder of Syndication Attorneys, PLLC, whose practice areas include drafting private securities offerings for real estate and small business, representing buyers in commercial real estate transactions, and creating professionally designed marketing materials for clients nationwide.

Kim Lisa Taylor has been responsible for creating nearly $3,000,000,000 in securities offerings for clients raising money from private investors. She routinely speaks at real estate related events in front of crowds ranging up to 1,000 attendees.

Corey Posgay

Senior Strategist, Anderson Advisors

Corey Posgay is a Senior Strategist with Anderson Business Advisors with 20 years of experience in advanced business strategizing and real estate investing.

Corey’s wealth of experience in real estate investing runs the gamut, from wholesaling and flipping to commercial and hard money lending. His expertise also includes retirement planning, specializing in self-directed retirement accounts.

As a Senior Strategist with Anderson, Corey helps real estate professionals and business owners shore up their investments by strategizing at the comprehensive levels of asset protection and tax and estate planning.

REMEMBER: Here are the areas you'll be working on LIVE during the event..

Winning Multifamily Strategies for 2024!

You'll learn what's working RIGHT NOW... And more importantly, what you can do, beginning TODAY, to capitalize on these CUTTING-EDGE strategies to make 2024 your breakthrough year... 

But WOWCON 2 will be so much more...

Developing the indomitable Mindset of a warrior!

Why do so few ever break through to achieve any meaningful success, despite a world of knowledge right in their pockets? It's the junk between the ears. At WOWCON 2 we'll be giving you the tools to separate you from the crowd so you can charge forward, with confidence!

Begin Building your network of elite like-minded winners!

Flying solo is the recipe for crashing and burning in real estate investing. That's why we created our "Mission of 300." At WOWCON 2 we'll help you identify the role best suited to your strengths... And help you find the other elite prospects to complete your trio... And then we'll build a skyline, together!

 WARNING: this event WILL change your life!

CHOOSE YOUR wowcon 2 experience...

 Remember: All packages include ONE FREE GUEST TICKET, same package

General Admission

  • 2 Tickets to WOWCON 2
  • ​All Event Sessions: Enjoy 3 full days of WOWCON 2
  • FrogQuest, the "Best Photo Scavenger Hunts for Team Building," Friday night, included
  • Open night of Networking, Saturday night. Make friends, form business relationships, partnerships, and more
  • ​Exclusive WOWCON 2 Lanyard & Swag Bag

Yours for just...



  • Everything in the General Admission Package, PLUS...
  • VIP BONUS: Get Access to the Video recordings of the Event
  • VIP BONUS: Raising Private Capital Course ($997)
  • VIP BONUS: Warrior Mindset Course ($1,297)

Total value: Over $3,291
Yours for just...



  • Everything in the General Admission Package, PLUS...
  • ​Everything in the VIP Package, PLUS...
  • ALL-IN BONUS: Warrior Apartment Acquisition Accelerator Course, Lifetime Access ($5,997)
  • ALL-IN BONUS: 1 Hour Strategy Call with Jen or Stacy ($4,997)

Total value: Over $15,979
Yours for just...


Can't make it to Orlando to experience WOWCON 2 in person?

Say no more, fam... We've got you covered!

Forget the in-person price of $997...

 NO FOMO! It's Just $97 For All 3 Days!

CHOOSE YOUR wowcon 2 experience...

 Remember: All packages include ONE FREE GUEST TICKET, same package

General Admission

  • 2 Tickets to WOWCON 2
  • ​All Event Sessions: Enjoy 3 full days of WOWCON 2
  • FrogQuest, the "Best Photo Scavenger Hunts for Team Building," Friday night, included
  • Open night of Networking, Saturday night. Make friends, form business relationships, partnerships, and more
  • ​Exclusive WOWCON 2 Lanyard & Swag Bag

Yours for just...



  • Everything in the General Admission Package, PLUS...
  • VIP BONUS: Get Access to the Video recordings of the Event
  • VIP BONUS: Raising Private Capital Course ($997)
  • VIP BONUS: Warrior Mindset Course ($1,297)

Total value: Over $3,291
Yours for just...



  • Everything in the General Admission Package, PLUS...
  • ​Everything in the VIP Package, PLUS...
  • ALL-IN BONUS: Warrior Apartment Acquisition Accelerator Course, Lifetime Access ($5,997)
  • ALL-IN BONUS: 1 Hour Strategy Call with Jen or Stacy ($4,997)

Total value: Over $15,979
Yours for just...


Can't make it to Orlando to experience WOWCON 2 in person?

Say no more, fam... We've got you covered!

Forget the in-person price of $997...

 NO FOMO! It's Just $97 For All 3 Days!

Frequently Asked Questions

Warriors of Wealth Convention (WOWCON) Dates (the "Event")
A: February 2nd through 4th, 2024. Pick your package NOW, WOWCON 2023 sold out 3 weeks before the event!
Where is WOWCON being held?
Is there a room block reserved for us?
A: Yes! To stay on-site, please follow this link for our Warriors of Wealth discount rate: https://resort.to/Multifamily-IA-Feb
Which airport should I fly into?
A: Orlando International Airport (MCO), 17.1 miles - just a 21-minute UBER ride.
When does early bird pricing end?
A: Jan 11, 2024. Get your tickets TODAY!
Is there early bird pricing for Virtual Tickets?
A: No. Early bird tickets are $97 and you can secure yours up until the moment the event starts. Get your tickets HERE.
What is the total cost to attend?
A: There are 4 options, 3 for in-person attendance and a virtual option. Please select your WOWCON package HERE. Travel, accommodations, meals, entertainment, etc. are the sole responsibility of in-person attendees.
What if I just need/want a single ticket?
A: Real estate investing is a people business and no one succeeds alone. If you don't have a spouse or partner, there's no better time to start networking - than RIGHT NOW - to find your +1 for WOWCON. And besides, the second ticket is on us!
What is your refund policy?
A: If you need to cancel, you must contact us no later than December 4th (60 days before the event)
What will the Event schedule be?
A: All packages include an evening of networking with the Warriors Of Wealth at 8pm on Thursday, February 1st and we insist on seeing you there! You will receive details via email upon completing your registration.

Doors open at 9am on Friday, February 2nd and we will go until 6pm. The plan for Saturday will be the same.

Sunday, February 4th, we will have a hard stop at 3pm so everyone has the opportunity to travel home on Sunday evening, if needed.

We do reserve the right to change this schedule at any time.
When and where is registration?
A: Registration opens Thursday, February 1st at 7:30pm, exact location within the Resort is pending.
Does the hotel offer free parking?
A: Yes, guests are provided with free parking.
Does the hotel allow pets?
A: Please contact the hotel directly for their pet policy.
Will there be an opportunity to meet Jen & Stacy?
A: Yes! All packages include an evening of networking with the Warriors Of Wealth, led by Jen & Stacy, in-person. Be sure to arrange your travel plans to accommodate arrival before the kick-off at 8pm on Thursday, February 1st.

And All-Inclusive investors will also receive a 1-hour, 1:1 Strategy Call with Jen or Stacy.
Will any meals be provided with my Event ticket?
A: Lunch will be provided by Warriors Of Wealth Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
Will all speakers scheduled to appear be there live or cast over Zoom?
A: All speakers scheduled to appear will be there, in-person.
Are we allowed to record the Event?
A: No, recording or live streaming of the event is strictly prohibited. We encourage you to take pictures and copious notes!
What else should I know?
A: Thursday evening is going to be epic! Registration is at 7:30pm followed by networking with Warriors Of Wealth. We’ll start at 8pm with a Lip Sync Battle to help loosen everyone up!

Friday night is FrogQuest commencing at 8pm. If you're not familiar with FrogQuest, it's the "Best Photo Scavenger Hunts
for Team Building" and is epic fun! You can learn more about FrogQuest here.

Saturday evening will be an open night of networking starting after hours at 7pm. It will be an amazing evening of making friends, networking, forming business relationships, partnerships, and more!

We can't wait to see you there!

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