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Here's your Exclusive Invitation to learn Creative & Seller Financing for Multifamily Real Estate at Jen & Stacy Conkey's WOWCON...
LIVE In Orlando, FL, November 3rd - 5th, 2023

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Level up your multifamily business...

With an arsenal of creative financing strategies you'll only learn at WOWCON!

Doors we acquired Last Year...


in 4 markets!

First time MFREI's we trained...


Just last year!

Millionaires We've created


The last 3 years!

lives we've helped change...


We are the Warriors of Wealth...

Freedom is within our hands... We don't dream about it, we make it happen!

News flash...

You don't need a giant wad of cash to get started!

When people think about multifamily properties and apartments as investments, they think it must take a huge nest-egg to get started...

Or that all of these cash-flowing behemoths are owned by institutions and other big fish (whales!) in the real estate investing space...

We're here to tell you...

That's simply NOT the case!

Everyday people, just like you and us, are getting into amazing deals throughout the country, every single day!

But how?

It may be easier than you think!

If you're at all familiar with investing in single family homes (SFH's), you know a lot of deals happen through creative financing...

Well, guess what?

Multifamily real estate investing can be the same!

At this fall's WOWCON, we're going to take you behind the curtain to show you how YOU can make your dreams of multifamily a reality, regardless of your starting point!

We will be workshopping Seller/Creative Financing multifamily real estate deals... And we will be breaking through YOUR limiting beliefs, as we guide you as you step into the identity of an Apartment Investor!

Sounds too easy, right?

With our unique Multifamily strategies, devised and tested to perfection over the last 20 years, we can tell you it's super simple, once you've cracked the code...

But it's NOT easy!

If it were easy, everyone would be doing it, right?

That's why you need to attend WOWCON 2023 this November 3rd - 5th in beautiful Orlando, Florida (details below)!

We will be workshopping all 3 days on Seller/Creative Financing strategies we use to this very day...

As well as presenting a lineup of guest speakers who will talk about the lending climate and projections, off market deals, the mindset it takes to raise private funds, and so much more!

If you've ever dreamed of escaping the limitations of SFH's or firing your boss to live a life of YOUR design...

Then WOWCON 2023 is your ticket to a life of location, time, and financial freedom!

You now have the opportunity to...

Do it like the pros do it!

There's something happening RIGHT NOW that no one is really talking about and it may be costing you a fortune...

When interest rates are low, the talk of seller financing just doesn't come up very often. And why would it when, frankly, you can get a better deal at the bank?
Now that interest rates have been on the rise for a period of time, there are a countless number of deals that have SIMPLY.STOPPED.WORKINGThis has created an...

Unprecedented opportunity!

Being well-versed in the strategies of seller financing is literally what sets apart the rookies from the pros.

We only train WINNERS...

That's exactly why this November 3rd through 5th at The Florida Hotel and Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, we'll be holding our first ever Warriors Of Wealth Conference (WOWCON)...

Where we'll be training action-takers, like YOU, our unique strategies on...

Creative & Seller Financing for Multifamily Real Estate!

Look, we're coming off a historical stretch of extremely low interest rateswhich many sellers have locked in.

What if you could learn the skill of how to structure a seller financed deal that allows you to take advantage of those same low rates that seem to have left forever...

AND have it be a major win for the seller?

We are now living in a time when many deals just don't pencil with the high interest rates...

And things don't look like they'll be improving any time soon.

When you have the tools you need to leverage our creative seller financed deals strategies, you can be the one closing deals when everyone else is scratching their heads, trying to figure out how to make any kind of deal work.

That's why you need to attend wOWCON 2023!

As one of the nation's top Multifamily Real Estate Investing trainers, Stacy Conkey knows how to breakdown the world of seller financing into an easy to understand and actionable way so that you can add this incredible strategy to your tool belt...

To get more deals CLOSED!

If you're ready to blow up your multifamily real estate investing business and make 2024 your best year ever...

Then WOWCON 2023 is YOUR ticket to freedom!

If you want to grow your Multifamily Investing Business...

WOWCON is the way!

If you want to get deals...

others simply can't

If you want to get the deals your competitors simply can't put together, then this November's WOWCON is THE CANNOT MISS event you've been waiting for.

By adding creative financing & seller financing, bagging off-market deals, our Unlimited Capital strategy (and more!) to your arsenal of MULTIFAMILY deal acquisition strategies...

You'll find yourself dominating your market while working LESS than your competitors.

WOWCON 2023 just may be the linchpin to your dream life!

Speakers to appear at WOWCON

We've gathered THE elite minds in the creative/seller financing space and other related fields who are CRUSHING IT in multifamily real estate investing!

Jen Conkey

Co-Founder, Remote Multifamily Investing Academy™,  Warriors of Wealth, and WOWCON

Jen Conkey, America's premier real estate strategist and mindset guru, changes the lives of every person who crosses her path. As an NLP Master Practitioner and 20 year real estate veteran, she works with multifamily investors to help them establish the strategy to get financially free and break through limiting beliefs so they can crush their real estate goals.

Stacy Conkey

Co-Founder, Remote Multifamily Investing Academy™, Warriors Of Wealth, And WOWCON

Stacy Conkey, awarded America's Best Real Estate trainer, has the unique ability to take complex topics and break them down to easy, actionable steps. With a massive passion for new multifamily investors, she's dedicated her life to helping people get started and scale into life changing wealth building through real estate.

Brad Hart

Make More Marbles, Mastermind to Millions

With 20 years as an entrepreneur and 16 years managing wealth under his belt, Brad is committed to helping entrepreneurs and investors reach their full potential, so they can focus on solving the grand challenges of our time. He is a bestselling author of two books, and his writing has appeared in Forbes, Entrepreneur and Time.

Having gained extensive experience in real estate, investments, trading, marketing, sales and peak performance strategy, he’s built and helped build several companies, growing revenues and profits into the millions of dollars. 

His hedge fund, Hartwood Capital, returned 106% in profit in a single year... A year which saw the overall market return only 25%.

Lisa Lewis

Founder, Leaders and Readers Academy

Lisa Lewis is a seasoned Real Estate Investor, Empowerment Coach, and the visionary founder of Leaders and Readers Academy, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating 10 million new readers in 5 years.

With a background in Accounting and Business Management, Lisa loves to merge some of her financial savvy with her passion for sharing personal development and empowering others, and she's here to inspire us all to lead extraordinary lives.

Get ready for some valuable and actionable life-changing insights!

Julie Anne Peterson

Commercial Real Estate Debt & Equity at Old Capital

Julie Anne Peterson, affectionately known as The First Lady of Lending at Old Capital Lending, boasts 32 years in Real Estate transactions. She's not just a debt provider; she's a strategic consultant, aiding clients' immediate needs.

With personal investments as General and Limited Partner in Commercial and Multifamily assets across several states, Julie is well-versed in 1031 Exchanges and Self-Directed/Solo 401K accounts.

Recently, she orchestrated a $7.5MM Capital Raise.

Beyond finance, Julie's virtual platform, ZOOM at 8, unites investors in LIVE Conversations with Industry Experts to help grow their knowledge and network.

Her adeptness in banking, capital raising, and asset management shapes her approach to Commercial Real Estate, while family time remains integral in her life.

Lighthouse Financial

Business Funding

Jen Conkey used Lighthouse Financial when she got started in apartment investing. They helped her get access to $100k in funding, which she used to pull $20k in cash for EMDs and leveraged another $40k on 0% credit cards (12-18 month terms) for rehabs, inspections, appraisals, etc. with a monthly payment that was only 1% of her loan balance. She went on to pay it all off with her first acquisition fee on her first apartment investment then scaled from there.

Lighthouse will be speaking at WOWCON about how YOU can do the exact same in your Multifamily Investing Business!

Prime Corporate Services

Form Your Entity | Prepare for Taxes | Build Credit for Your Business | Plan Your Estate

Before you put up walls or a roof, you must lay a solid foundation for your real estate business. At PRIME Corporate Services, we'll make sure you have the best legal protections and tax advantages to enhance the long-term viability and the profitability of your real estate investment business. We'll even show you how to use your business to fund your investments.

First time offered to the public... EVER!


Secure yours before they're gone!

NOTE: Our students usually buy this event out, alone... So DO NOT wait!


  • 1 Ticket to WOWCON 2023
  • ​All Event Sessions: Enjoy 3 full days of WOWCON 2023
  • ​WOWCON 2023 Pre-Event Networking Mixer
  • ​WOWCON 2023 Networking Casino Night, Friday night
  • ​WOWCON 2023 Networking over dinner with new friends, Saturday night
  • ​Exclusive WOWCON 2023 Lanyard & Swag

Yours for just...



  • Everything in the General Admission Package, PLUS...
  • VIP BONUS: One Networking Lunch with Jen & Stacy
  • VIP BONUS: Get Access to the Video recordings of the Event
  • VIP BONUS: Unlimited Capital Course ($997)
  • VIP BONUS: Warrior Mindset Course ($1,297)

Total value: Over $3,291
Yours for just...



  • Everything in the General Admission Package, PLUS...
  • ​Everything in the VIP Package, PLUS...
  • ALL-IN BONUS: Warrior Apartment Acquisition Accelerator Course, Lifetime Access ($5,997)
  • ALL-IN BONUS: 1 Hour Strategy Call with Jen or Stacy ($4,997)

Total value: Over $15,979
Yours for just...


Frequently Asked Questions

Warriors of Wealth Convention (WOWCON) Dates (the "Event")
A: November 3rd through 5th, 2023. Pick your package NOW before we sell out!
Where is WOWCON being held?
A: The Florida Hotel and Conference Center.
Is there a room block reserved for us?
A: There are accommodations nearby at other hotels as well as air bnbs.
Which airport should I fly into?
A: Orlando International Airport (MCO), 10.2 miles - just a 16-minute UBER ride.
What is the total cost to attend?
A: There are 3 options. Please select your WOWCON package HERE. Travel, accommodations, meals, entertainment, etc. are the sole responsibility of attendees.
What is your refund policy?
A: If you need to cancel, you must contact us no later than September 4th (60 days before the event)
What will the Event schedule be?
A: All packages include an evening of networking with the Warriors Of Wealth at 8pm on Thursday, November 2nd and we insist on seeing you there! You will receive details via email upon completing your registration.

Doors open at 9am on Friday, November 3rd and we will go until 6pm. The plan for Saturday will be the same.

Sunday, November 5th, we will have a hard stop at 3pm so everyone has the opportunity to travel home on Sunday evening, if needed.

We do reserve the right to change this schedule at any time.
When and where is registration?
A: Registration opens Thursday, November 2nd at 7:30pm on Floor 2 by Legacy Room North.
Does the hotel offer free parking?
A: Yes, guests are provided with free parking.
Does the hotel allow pets?
A: Please contact the hotel directly for their pet policy.
Will there be an opportunity to meet Jen & Stacy?
A: Yes! All packages include an evening of networking with the Warriors Of Wealth, led by Jen & Stacy, in-person. Be sure to arrange your travel plans to accommodate arrival before the kick-off at 8pm on Thursday, November 2nd.

Investors of the VIP and All-Inclusive packages will also enjoy an exclusive lunch with Jen & Stacy during the event. And All-Inclusive investors will also receive a 1-hour, 1:1 Strategy Call with Jen or Stacy.
Will any meals be provided with my Event ticket?
A: Lunch will be provided by Warriors Of Wealth Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
Will all speakers scheduled to appear be there live or cast over Zoom?
A: All speakers scheduled to appear will be there, in-person.
Are we allowed to record the Event?
A: No, recording or live streaming of the event is strictly prohibited. We encourage you to take pictures and copious notes!
What else should I know?
A: Thursday evening is going to be epic! Registration is at 7:30pm followed by networking with Warriors Of Wealth. We’ll start at 8pm with a Lip Sync Battle to help loosen everyone up!

Friday night is Casino Night at the hotel, commencing at 8pm. Be sure to join us as the party comes alive with the excitement and glamour of an authentic Las Vegas soiree, compliments of Warriors of Wealth and provided by Casino Party USA.

Saturday evening the Warriors Of Wealth are hosting Power Hour from 6:15p - 7:45p followed by assigned dinner group reservations at 8pm. It will be an amazing evening of making friends, networking, forming business relationships, partnerships, and more!

We can't wait to see you there!


YO! Warrior of Wealth... Ready to Transform your dreams?

Get your all-inclusive package TODAY before they sell out and you're left to dream of what could have been!

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